Powers Heating and Air Offers the Best Generator Repair in Walters OK

In Oklahoma, generators are important. When needed, you need to know it is going to work. Reliability is essential. One of our customers said it so well when they learned they needed to get their generator repaired and shared their experience.
“Last week there was a big storm in the Walters area that knocked out power for a few hours. I thought, ‘no problem we have a backup generator!’ Unfortunately, I waited for the backup generator to kick in, but it never did. Luckily, the power turned back on after a few hours but I wanted to make sure that it didn’t happen again. Storms like that are not uncommon in the Walters OK area so I needed to find a company near Walters that could handle generator repairs.

Local Generator Repairs in Walters OK

“I gave Powers Heating and Air a call and they said they would be happy to send someone out to take a look at my generator in Walters. It turns out that Powers Heating and Air has done a lot of generator repairs in the Walters area already and they knew exactly what needed to be done to fix one. Fixing a generator for a few dollars is a whole lot cheaper than spending thousands of dollars to purchase a new one. When the generator repair technician from Powers showed up at our home here in Walters, he was very knowledgeable and took a look at the generator. He showed me that a relay connector had frozen so it would not allow the generator to start up and provide power. The Powers generator repair technician replaced the relay for me and everything worked great.
“Powers Heating and Air was very fast and took care of the problem for me professionally. They sent someone directly to my home in Walters who was skilled in generator repair and knew exactly what the problem was. If I have any generator repair needs in the future I will be sure to call Powers Heating and Air again. I am glad that there is a company close to me here in Walters that is able to help.”

When You Need Generator Repair, Call Powers Heating and Air