Need a New Furnace? Install It Using the Best Technicians

AC Tuneup Lawton OK, Powers Heating and AirWhen you’re considering getting a new furnace, install it with help from professionals. A couple of our customers in Walters did just that. After more than three decades in their home in Walters, they decided to get a new furnace. After learning more about their home, we gave them an estimate. They really liked the price we gave them as well as the quality of work. These pleased customers also complimented our technicians on their skill and professionalism.

The right size for your home

Finding the right furnace depends upon how large your home is, how many windows and exterior doors it has, the types of windows, insulation, and the presence (or not) of a basement affect the size of furnace that will work best for you.

If a furnace is too small, your home will never be comfortably warm during extremely cold weather. If a furnace is too large for the house, it tends to cycle on and off more frequently. This constant cycling accelerates the aging of the furnace because the wear and the tear on the parts is increased. The cycling can also cause the room temperature to vary more.

Also, if a larger furnace size is installed, be sure that the proper size ducts are used for the larger furnace. If the air ducts are too small, airflow can make a lot of noise.

Saving money and being green

Even though they are more expensive, it’s important to purchase an energy-efficient furnace. A furnace with a 10% higher energy rating may cost as much as $1,000 more than a similar unit with a lower efficiency but you can recoup that $1,000 difference in increased fuel savings over the life of the furnace, especially if you live in an area that has very cold winter temperatures. In other words, the more you run your new energy-efficient furnace, the faster you’ll save money.

Also, because high-efficiency furnaces cause lower emissions, using a high-efficiency furnace does less damage to the environment. If environmental considerations rank near the top of your list, you’ll want the highest efficiency furnace you can afford.

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