Expert Electricians for Lawton Residents

Electrical problems are something you don’t want to wait to fix, and they certainly won’t take care of themselves. A common problem we see with Lawton homeowners is neglecting outlets. If you’re having outlet problems, they need to be evaluated by a professional as soon as possible. Professionals have the experience needed to know if an outlet problem is something that can potentially be dangerous. At Powers Heating and Air, we’re experts in electrical outlets.

Three days ago we had a customer call us because he noticed some burn spots around a few of his outlets in his Lawton home. He was worried, and rightfully so. We sent one of our expert Lawton electricians over and he inspected the outlets. The problem was the receptacles were worn out. As is standard procedure, our electrician got consent for the replacement and then went to work. He turned off the power, snipped and re-trimmed all the damaged wire ends, and then installed brand new receptacles. He checked the panel breaker to make sure nothing was going wrong, and then left the home. The customer was satisfied with the professional job performed by our electrician. He was also happy knowing his problem was fixed and his home was safe. He said that he would be calling us again if he ever had any other electrical issues with his Lawton home.

If You Need an Electrician in Lawton, Call Powers Today

If you have a Lawton home and need electrical work, please contact Powers Heating and Air today. We’ve been in business for over 30 years. We have the experience needed to fix any and all problems with electrical problems in Lawton homes. Our professional electricians are all highly skilled and knowledgeable. They’ll fix your problem and give you tips about how to ensure they don’t happen again. In the end, you’ll be pleased with their service and that you selected Powers for your Lawton home’s electrical needs.